Camping at Epicenter will let you keep the rock-and-roll party going all through the weekend!

All campers will have access to showers, portable restrooms, food and drink vendors, charging stations, information and medical services as well as a Thursday night pre-show party. Campers will also have late night access to Rockingham Village, an impressive promenade featuring food, drinks, merch shopping, entertainment, art and activities before and after festival hours. Rockingham Village is conveniently located immediately in front of the venue adjacent to the North Premium campgrounds.

All Camping Passes Include:
– 4 nights of camping (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
– Re-entry privileges between the festival grounds and campground
– Access to campground showers and bathrooms (South Campground shower access subject to an additional charge.)
– Concessions stands with items for purchase

Camping Passes DO NOT Include:
– Electricity or water hook ups (unless otherwise stated)
– Your ticket. You must purchase your ticket separately.
– Showers in the South Side lots will be available for an additional charge.


The Fine Print

– All patrons within vehicle must have festival tickets (purchased separately) prior to entry into any camping or companion parking lots.
– Only campers are allowed in the campgrounds. You must have a festival ticket and camping wristband (to be distributed at check-in) to be allowed entry.
– Third party delivery services and other vehicles without camping credentials will not be permitted into the campgrounds.
– All vehicles will be thoroughly searched. Box trucks and trailers are not permitted. Please review the full list of Allowed and Prohibited Items in FAQ below.
– There is a limit of one companion parking space per RV campsite (while supplies last).
– Vehicles are not allowed to go in/out of the camping lots once parked.
– One vehicle per campsite; no overflow/overnight parking lots for additional vehicles. We strongly advise all groups of campers arrive together in one vehicle.


When can I arrive to set up my campsite?

The campgrounds open at 12:00 PM (noon) on Thursday, May 9th.

Our check in hours are:
Thursday: 12:00pm – 10:00pm
Friday: 8:00 AM- 10:00 PM

When do I have to be packed up and out of the campground after the show?

The campground closes at 12:00 PM (noon) on Monday, May 13th.

What is the size of my campsite?

Car camping sites measure approximately 20’ x 20’. RV camping spaces measure approximately 20′ x 50’.

How many people can sleep in my campsite?

Each car camping pass allows for up to 4 (four) fans and each RV camping pass allows for up to 6 (six) fans.

What can I bring with me?

– Tent
– E-Z UP / shade structure
– Tennis balls or caps used for tent stakes
– Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows
– Ice chests/coolers
– Food and beverages/water
– One case of beer in aluminum cans or aluminum bottles and/or one box of wine per person is allowed in the campground. No liquor, glass bottles, kegs or vending is allowed.
– Prescriptions in their original bottles with bottle attached. ID must match name on label.
– Chairs
– Trash bags
– Empty CamelBaks and sealed water bottles
– Non-professional flash/still cameras and hand-held video cameras (e.g., Sony Action Cam, GoPro)
– Cell phones
– Lighters and sealed packs of cigarettes
– Earplugs
– Sunscreen
– Sealed packs of gum
– Non-amplified (acoustic) musical instruments
– Small generator, 4kw or smaller (Immoderate amounts of gasoline will be confiscated)
– Portable grills (No more than 30lbs charcoal and/or 20lb or less container of propane)
– Propane tanks (20lbs or less, limit small camping tanks to 2)

What is NOT allowed into the campgrounds?

– Liquor
– Glass bottles of any kind (drinks, sauces, pickles, etc.)
– Alcohol for minors. You must be 21+ to drink within the campgrounds. If entering with alcohol, you must present government-issued identification. 21+ campers are advised to carry their government-issued identification at all times.
– No drones or remote control vehicle
– Drugs or drug paraphernalia
– Vending of any kind (food, drinks, merchandise, etc.)
– Loose pills, pills without a prescription, or expired medications of any kind (all medications, prescription or otherwise, must be in their original container)
– Hookahs
– Pets (except service animals)
– Glass bottles (small bottles of perfume/cologne are OK)
– Mirrors
– Spray paint
– Promotional flyers, promotional/corporate branded banners, or vehicles displaying sponsorships or ads
– Weapons of any kind (including but not limited to dinner knifes, pocket knives, pepper spray, etc.) or items that could be used as weapons (including but not limited to hammers, golf clubs, etc.)
– Tiki Torches
– Professional recording equipment—photo, video or audio (detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms or commercial-use rigs)
– Fireworks
– Open campfires or fires/flames of any kind (small propane grills OK)
– Golf carts, bikes, dune buggies, off-road motorcycles, Segways, or hover boards
– Speaker systems
– Air horns
– Box trucks, cube trucks, four-wheelers, utility trailers or oversized flatbeds
– No Metal Stakes
– Propane or gas tanks over 20lbs
– Helium tanks


For further questions about camping, please email

Are the campgrounds accessible?

Yes, there will be accessible campsites available. Please email with your request so we can be prepared for your arrival.

Does my companion vehicle have to arrive at the same time as my RV?

Yes, companion vehicles and RVs must arrive at the same time to be parked in their campsite.

How much are the showers?

Showers are complimentary in the North Campgrounds and $10.00 per use in the South campgrounds. South campers can pay for shower tickets by cash or card near the shower area located on the south side of the race track. Please see camping map for shower locations.

Shower hours:

Thursday, May 9th:
5pm – 2am

Friday, May 10th:
7am- 2pm
6pm- 2am

Saturday, May 11th:
7am- 2pm
6pm- 2am

Sunday, May 12th:
7am- 2pm
6pm- 2am

Monday, May 13th:
7am- 12pm